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Make a written list of questions that you have and state clearly what you would like to accomplish from our meeting.
Gather all documentation relevant to your case, including all immigration related documents, photocopy them if possible, and bring them to our meeting (see list of documents under the type of case you are enquiring about).


* Disclose ALL information you have and know about your case.Do not be afraid or feel embarrassed about anything. This is key for us to establish the best strategy to approach your case, and to be able to give you a realistic estimate in terms of the duration, cost and possible end results of the case. Any information not disclosed at the beginning of the case can have a negative effect on it, as our strategy would be based on erroneous or incomplete information.
* Let the attorney know if you don’t understand any terms or points in your discussion. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
* Make sure that before you leave our meeting, you have an understanding of the following:
· What are the steps involved in your case
· What is the estimated duration and costs involved in your case
· What are the potential difficulties and complications with your case
· What can you do to help speed things up and reduce the costs of your case